Sacramento Sustainability Forum 2.0

SSF 2.0 is a public engagement & education platform empowering the community to create a more sustainable society.

Who We Are

Sustainable Sacramento is a public engagement and education platform empowering the community to create a more sustainable society.

Formerly Sacramento Sustainability Forum 2.0, we are a young hip social benefit start-up, a platform recently re-invigorated under new leadership and sustainable advisory influence. We exist to empower the community with technological tools, innovation knowledge, and inspiration to create a more sustainable society, and we begin in Sacramento with the goal of proving we can help demonstrably move the sustainability needle forward. We intend to maintain ourselves as a driving force to helping deliver the promise of a Smart, Sustainable Sacramento.

The Big Picture

Our goal is to become a fully-funded nonprofit organization that helps enable social benefit technology in the green space, develops and delivers education collaboratives which fuel the rich research and policy work of our region in the green and clean space, and powerful, effective human action and social marketing behavioral campaigns that work to help every day people make every day, sustainable changes in their lifestyles. We expect to be a catalyst, a partner, a source of organized conversation and action. We will operate transparently and with open doors and minds.

We Expect to Be Accountable

We expect to be held accountable for tracking everything we do, especially sensitive to the fact that without documented behavior change, the region cannot expect to understand the most effective forms of investment in reducing impacts from climate change or the optimum kinds of programs we should collectively support in powering sustainability as a core to our economy. 

Specific plans are in development to tie carbon tracking and carbon market features to the technology we are envisioning and we are actively looking for advisors in the human behavior and social marketing spaces to help lead decisions of the forum team in everything we do. Expect to see tech start-ups and brilliantly designed communication and action campaigns by the region's leading innovators.

It's About Changing Human Behavior

SSF 2.0 provides a space to explore our region’s sustainable development activity in a way that really captures the new work and achievements of the most recent past, brings people together with influencers to inspire new ideas for change, and leverages the powerful, vibrant millennial community we have who are ready, willing, and demanding active engagement for change.

WE are working to always to uncover collaborative capacity building opportunities among existing organizations and companies dedicated to seeing lasting, effective sustainability solutions in the Sacramento Valley. SSF 2.0 is on a mission to create a cultural shift maximizing sustainability by bringing together transparency, education, and engagement with the positive sustainable development activities of our region. We facilitate collective impact to change human behavior.

It's About Engagement

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SSF 2.0 brings transparency to the ambiguity of sustainability through distributing monthly infographics and videos to the masses. SSF 2.0 envisions displaying multimedia material created throughout the region in private and public spaces such as farmers markets, schools, libraries, hospitals, public transport, airport, Cal Expo, City Hall, Capitol, and the new arena. Each months educational material displayed throughout the region is a doorway connecting the community online around specific topics relevant to our regions sustainable development activities.

Monthly SustainFests/Forums

SSF 2.0 hosts monthly events focused on specific sustainability topics presented by leading edge speakers, lively entertainers, innovative clean technologies and imaginative arts.  Smart Fuels, "Smart" Water, a Shared Vision, Smart Food and so on. 

Each monthly event provides an immersive engaging experience around a specific topic (a layer of our sustainable culture and society) into the sustainability topics of our region such as food, water, transportation, energy, active living, and technology. Within each event diverse sub-topics cross pollinate interest groups to inspire new connections, facilitate collaboration, empowering local organizations with new supporters. Within each event we provide a public multidisciplinary exposition, catered networking, key thought leader speakers, facilitated working groups engagement session, panel discussion, and community challenge call to action related to the specific sustainability topic of discussion.

Monthly events bring together a diverse crowd of 200+ curious and passionate citizens such as social entrepreneurs, government officials, students, non profit community, politicians, creatives, business owners, artists, technologists, farmers, and inventors. Events are held each month, 5-9pm at the Clunie Community Center, McKinley Park. Events provide complementary bike valet, youth education, and recycling.

Get Tickets. Get Engaged.

Reservation required. Events are free and event education forums are only $10 per event. Get your tickets:

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Planning team

Yeshua Adonai ,  Executive Director

Yeshua Adonai, Executive Director

Makinzie Clark  , co-founder

Makinzie Clark, co-founder

Natalie Hernandez  , co-founder

Natalie Hernandez, co-founder

Don Reid  , co-founder

Don Reid, co-founder

Stephanie Becker  , co-founder

Stephanie Becker, co-founder

Brett Freeman , event manager

Brett Freeman, event manager

Nicholas Lee  , co-founder

Nicholas Lee, co-founder

Seeking leaders

We are seeking passionate leaders that are skilled and capable of autonomous creation to join our dynamic collaborative planning team leading SSF 2.0. Interested? // contact us.


Tracy Saville  , CleanWorld VP

Tracy Saville, CleanWorld VP

Erik de Kok ,   Ascent Environmental Senior Planner 

Erik de Kok, Ascent Environmental Senior Planner 

Laura Hansen  , Social Mission Central

Laura Hansen, Social Mission Central

Heidi Sanborn , Product Stewardship Consultant

Heidi Sanborn, Product Stewardship Consultant

Dominic Allamano , Soil Born Farms

Dominic Allamano, Soil Born Farms

Charles Mason Jr. , Ubuntu Green President

Charles Mason Jr., Ubuntu Green President

Rick Noss ,  SSF founder

Rick Noss, SSF founder

Yvette Rincon,   City of Sacramento Sustainability Manager

Yvette Rincon, City of Sacramento Sustainability Manager

Brandon Weber  , TEDxSacramento  Curator

Brandon Weber, TEDxSacramento Curator

Lindsay Buckley  , Cal Air Resources Board IPO

Lindsay Buckley, Cal Air Resources Board IPO

Tamara Srzentic  , CDPH Communications Director

Tamara Srzentic, CDPH Communications Director

Obadiah Bartholomy , SMUD

Obadiah Bartholomy, SMUD

Seeking advisors

We are seeking advisors, who are local pioneers of sustainable innovation, from diverse sectors of society to support the organizing team develop a systems view of how as a community we will create a restorative economy. Our advisors represent a wide spectrum from the public and private sectors in city/urban planning, renewable energy, transportation, health, water, food, arts, social justice, conservation biology, environmental engineering, and environmental psychology. Learn more and contact us.