Sacramento Sustainability Forum 2.0

SSF 2.0 is a public engagement & education platform empowering the community to create a more sustainable society.

Shared Vision

We launched Sustainable Sacramento and hatched the vision for its current development plan in the Spring of 2014. Read more about us here. Our philosophy is simple: the Smart and Sustainable Sacramento is a city where its residents are engaged and active in making the changes necessary to realize a zero waste, carbon-neutral, closed-loop, and fully sustainable future.

Since then, our vision has evolved to reflect a clear roadmap of action: to deliver monthly festival-like education and engagement experiences, develop and deliver unique social and mobile technology to help local citizens green their lives through practical tools and relevant information, and to develop and deliver powerful communication messages that helps everyday citizens make sustainable steps towards a greener life and a smarter, more sustainable city.

This page below is all about the ideas, energy, and "vision fuel" we captured in June as part of our "Shared Vision" kick-off event and outreach activities.

Explore the infographic depicting this shared vision framework meant to inspire and solicit input from everyday people. The engagement was extraordinary!

Check out the social media TagBoard results bellow as they continue to come in. (Our thanks to Uptown Studios for their brilliant design concept), helping us to create not only stunning visuals, but the foundation for our future interactive tech widgetry already under development. (See our Kiosk Vision).

But wait! We're just getting started…

What's Next?

We're heading into our third official month of events and activity.

In July we tackle Smart Fuels, August "Smart" Water, September Smart Food during the Farm to Fork Festival month, and October we celebrate and dig into "Smart Reuse" and all the ways in which the Sacramento region is reaching "closed loop" economies and achievements.

Engage at the events, share your vision for every month's critical, sustainable "smart" topics, and help fuel our infographic visuals - the "vision" that becomes our roadmap. 

Your voice matters. Your actions count. Join the Conversation. See You at the next "Smart" Sustainable Sacramento Sustainable festival or workshop.

What will you do to green your life? How can we help?

What is your grand vision for the Sacramento Region? 


The below tagboard is a live feed of the Sacramento community answers. To share your vision, post your answer on your preferred social media account such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, or Vine. To be included in the below feed be sure to include the hashtag: #ssf2vision