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2012 May: Sustainable Landscapes

Building rating systems such as LEED help guide, recognize, and reward efforts to build and maintain buildings in sustainable ways. But what about landscapes? Inherently thought of as 'green' they are often far from sustainable. The Sustainable Sites Initiative, and River Friendly Landscaping are two programs trying to change that. Come learn about these local and national programs that are helping guide and recognize the design and maintenance of sustainable landscapes.


Allegra Bukojemsky

Allegra Bukojemsky is a landscape architect with a background that includes biology, animal behavior, sustainable architecture, and industrial design. This broad range of experience comes from her passion to strengthen and repair our connection to and stewardship of nature. Allegra has worked on a variety of projects, including master planning, commercial development, public parks, private residences, and habitat restoration. Currently at Wildlands, a mitigation banking firm, she spends her days designing wetlands and endangered species habitats. Having always had a strong focus on sustainability in life and work, Allegra is a LEED Accredited Professional, and founding member and current co-chair of the ASLA Sustainable Design and Development Professional Practice Network and, in this capacity, involved in the associated Sustainable Sites Initiative.

Allegra will introduce and discuss the Sustainable Sites Initiative (SITES) a national program developed through a partnership of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, and the US Botanic Garden. With three recently certified pilot projects and hundreds more in line, the SITES  is poised to be the equivalent of a LEED rating system for landscapes. Based on the premise of ecosystem services SITES credits include points for native plants and plant communities, supporting healthy soil, and promoting human health and wellbeing to a wide range of landscapes.


Dave Tamayo

Dave Tamayo is an Environmental Specialist who has worked for 20 years in the water quality field for the County of Sacramento. As part of the County’s Stormwater Quality Program, Dave focuses on reducing pesticide and mercury contamination in local water bodies, and serves on a number of local, state, and national boards and committees that promote integrated pest management and advocate for reform of pesticide regulations. One of his key projects in recent years has been the development of the River Friendly Landscaping Program, which is a holistic approach to achieving multiple environmental goals through landscape design and maintenance. He has a  bachelor’s degree in zoology from UC Berkeley and is currently a graduate student in entomology with the University of Florida.

Dave will talk about the local River Friendly Landscaping program which is a Sacramento-region effort to promote a holistic approach to landscaping that provides a number of environmental  benefits, including water and energy conservation, reduced waste to the landfill, protection of water and air quality, and providing habitat for wildlife. The RFL coalition is a local partnership of public agencies, landscaping industry practitioners, and non-profit organizations that work together to promote this approach. Local training and information resources will be discussed.