Sacramento Sustainability Forum 2.0

SSF 2.0 is a public engagement & education platform empowering the community to create a more sustainable society.

2010 February: SB 375: Sustainable Communities Planning Program

Hosted at the offices of Sacramento News & Review

Attorney Bill Yeates discusses the impact of California's SB 375. For the past several years Bill has conducted public education workshops on CEQA for the Planning and Conservation League Foundation (PCLF) and the Northwest Environmental Training Center throughout California. Bill is the author of PCLF’s Community Guide to CEQA, which was updated in 2007 with a special focus on the effects of global warming/climate change, and has also been translated into Spanish.


Mike McKeever, Executive Director of the Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG), gives a presentation on SB 375 at the February 2010 Sacramento Sustainability Forum. During Mr. McKeever's tenure at SACOG, the organization has established itself as a national leader in sustainable, integrated regional planning. He was a key contributor to California Senate Bill 375, the nation's most comprehensive regional planning law linking climate change, transportation, land use and housing planning and was appointed by the California Air Resources Board to chair the Regional Targets Advisory Committee, a 21 person statewide committee to assist in the implementation of SB375.

Shamus Roller, the Executive Director of the Sacramento Housing Alliance, gives an overview of California's SB 375: "The Sustainable Communities Planning Program".