Sacramento Sustainability Forum 2.0

SSF 2.0 is a public engagement & education platform empowering the community to create a more sustainable society.

2014 June: Shared Vision

Shared Vision // 18 June, 2014 // 6-9pm // MidTown

 This months focus was to create a Shared Vision for a sustainable Sacramento. Check out the Shared Vision event page for more information.


Steve Cohn   , City of Sacramento Councilman District 3

Steve Cohn, City of Sacramento Councilman District 3

Mike McKeever ,   SACOG Chief Executive Officer                              

Mike McKeeverSACOG Chief Executive Officer                              

Lloyd Levine   , Greenwise Joint Ventures interim    

Lloyd Levine, Greenwise Joint Ventures interim    

Nicolas Come   , Nicolas Garden Visionary

Nicolas Come, Nicolas Garden Visionary

Yvette Rincon   , City of Sacramento Sustainability Program

Yvette Rincon, City of Sacramento Sustainability Program

Shawn Harrison ,   Soil Born Farms Founder & Co-Director

Shawn HarrisonSoil Born Farms Founder & Co-Director